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2How Bayesian Inference Works (2016)
3Linux Inside – How the Linux Kernel Works
4Plotnine: A grammar of graphics for Python
5Too many prisons make people worse
6What's the difference between the com and exe extensions? (2008)
7Better than Free
8Storing Drinking-Water in Copper Pots Kills Contaminating Bacteria (2012)
9British Airways: All flights cancelled amid IT crash
10A Year of Google and Apple Maps
11Blockchains from the ground up: Part 1
12AlphaGo's next move
13Gollvm from Google
14How machine logic infects our tastes
15Britain's master forger
16Agens Graph – PostgreSQL Based Graph Database
17The Rise and Fall of Yik Yak
18When doctors can't afford to feel
19Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: The Small-Town Gas Station Example
20Libtins – High-level and multiplatform C++ network packet sniffing and crafting
21Be the Muse’s First Lead DevOps Eng, building infrastructure to help 50M+ people
22Writing English as a Second Language (2009)
23Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing with a Russian Nexus
24Scaling Scala
25Mathematical Foundations of Computing (2015) [pdf]
26Bolt: I Know What You Did Last Summer in the Cloud [pdf]
27In southeastern Colorado, robots carefully disarm WWII-era chemical weapons
28PostmarketOS: Aiming for a 10 year life-cycle for smartphones
29Facebook's tentacles reach further than people think