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2What we need from Apple to make standalone Apple Watch podcast apps
3The Mathematics of 2048: Counting States with Combinatorics
4A Coloring Book about Group Theory
5Jaeger – A Distributed Tracing System
6Documenting your architecture: Wireshark, PlantUML and a REPL to glue them all
7Project Jigsaw: Complete
8In Search Of The Red Cross' $500M In Haiti Relief (2015)
9Can American soil be brought back to life?
10Paying top employees the highest salaries in the market
11X and NeWS history
12Guitar browser game with a real guitar
13Scenic Tram Simulator
14How I Fixed a 10-Year-Old Guitar Hero Bug Without the Source Code [video]
15Things I've learned transitioning from engineer to engineering manager
16Google’s PixelBook: The Target Is Way Bigger Than You Think
17Mac OS High Sierra automatically checks EFI firmware each week
18Monitoring Cloudflare's edge network with Prometheus
19Microsoft R&D grows to 8k people in massive bet on artificial intelligence
20CEO of NPM is accusing Reddit Node.js community of targeted harassment
21Oh My Green (YC S16) is hiring a head of marketing and account managers
22Windows 3.1 All Over Again
23The more things change (2015)
24Serverless is cheaper, not simpler
25Simulacra and Simulation
26Org-Mode Is One of the Most Reasonable Markup Languages to Use for Text
27Nuclear deterrence is limited by geography
28Gnirehtet rewritten in Rust
29Justice Department goes nuclear on Google in search warrant fight
30Xeno Kovah: macOS 10.13 EFI firmware integrity check
31Deliveroo raises $385M in new funding
32 Applications are open for YC Winter 2018